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The Tourism and cruiseline industry has jobs for chefs/cooks, waiters, bar waiters,housekeeping, bartenders, entertainment, hairdressers/hairstylists, massage , fitness instructors, security, officers and many more.

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Excite Recruitment

(United Kingdom)


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Company Description:

 Located in the centre of the UK, Excite Recruitment is committed to providing exceptional levels of recruitment service to our Customers:

You, Our Candidate & You, Our Client

You, Our Candidate
At Excite Recruitment we understand the anticipation, eagerness and enthusiasm of applying for a new role and being considered by our Client for your new vocation.  We also understand the challenges, frustration and irritation when you are not informed of updates, feedback and outcomes.  We at Excite Recruitment ensure these factors are all priorities within the recruitment journey.

You, Our Client
Through effective resourcing methods that are technologically advanced, we are uniquely capable of providing an equally quality service to smaller local companies and also large international Plc’s.  With the use of bespoke ‘tailoring of needs’ through investigative consultancy Excite Recruitment will propose to partner with your company at a cost effective level.  Time-lines for the recruitment journey are kept to a minimum and results are optimum.

At Excite Recruitment, we are 110% committed to offer our best level of service to you to ensure your recruitment experience has been seamless.

Our areas of expertise both locally, nationally and internationally within the hospitality world:

  1. Cruise Line Management
  2. General Management
  3. Hotel & Operational Management
  4. Chefs
  5. Human Resources and Training
  6. Food and Beverage
  7. Front of House
  8. Housekeeping Management
  9. Sales &Marketing
  10. Spa & Beauty
  11. Facilities Management

As well as undertaking one off assignments, we can also:

  1. Arrange recruitment open days
  2. Advise on recruitment marketing & advertising campaigns
  3. Run ‘paper’ advertised assignments
  4. Offer e-solutions to your recruitment needs


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