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The Tourism and cruiseline industry has jobs for chefs/cooks, waiters, bar waiters,housekeeping, bartenders, entertainment, hairdressers/hairstylists, massage , fitness instructors, security, officers and many more.

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Frequently asked questions about working on cruise lines:

  • Who are cruiselines hiring?
    Cruiselines hire professional candidates from all over the world, from cleaners, waiters, officers, entertainment staff.
  • How long are the contracts?
    Contracts can be from a few days for a port lecturer to 10 monhs for utility personnel, contracts are average between 4 and 6 months.
  • Do I have to be able to speak English fluently?
    Yes, for 95% procent of the cruise lines you need to be able to speak english fluently if dealing directly with ppassengers.
    Back of the house crew can get away with 80% english allthough they need to be able to follow all the courses and onboard trainings in english.
  • I want to work on a cruise ship but I do not live in the U.S.A.?
    That is not a problem, once hired with a cruiseline they will issue you a Letter of Employment which you need to use to obtain a C1/D Seamans visa from the U.S. consulate.
    You will not be working in the U.S.A. but when the ship come to the U.S. you do need to have a seamans visa.
  • Is there a minimum age to work on a cruise ship?
    Yes, to work on an ocean going cruise ship you need to be min age 21.
  • How do I get hired?
    Getting hired by a cruise line can be difficult, most cruiselines have a local recruitment agency that they use. There they will be conducting regular interviews.
    The recruitment agent is in most instances the first contact between you and the start of a new career onboard.
  • What taxes do I have to pay?
    A cruiseline will not pay the taxes to your tax office(except when it is registered in a country that has tax laws(like Italy, and the rest of europe). Most cruise vessels are registered in the bahamas, malta, cyprus etc.
    Therefore it is wise to check with your local tax office. Usely when you are out of the country fopr more then 6 months you do not pay taxes, it is smart however to pay social security so you get pension pay
    and when unemployed you still get the benifits.
  • Which documents do I need to work on a cruise ship?
    Documents that you need are, a valid passport(must be valid for at least 1 year), a clear criminal record, a medical cerificate,
    (if you have medical problems let the recruitment agent or cruiseline know since wih some conditions you can not work onboard).
  • How many days  a week do I work on a cruise ship?
    All crew onboard a cruise ship work 7 days a week except professional entertainers, crew that work in the beauty salon(usely 1 day off) and a few other staff with shorter contracts.
  • How many hours do I work a day on a cruise ship?
    When working onboard a cruise line you will be working between 10 and 12 hours a day.
  • Do I need to get a STCW95 certificate to work on a cruise ship?
    Most cruiselines have a security officer onboard that gives the training (basic sea survival and fire and safety, free of charge), there are some cruiselines that want there crew to do the courses ashore and then you need to
    pay for that yourself. (There will be many changes concerning this in the upcoming years since the International Labour Organization is having a lot of changes made).
  • Do I need Hospitality experience to work on a cruise ship?
    If working with guests it will be a nessesity to have experience in hospitality, cruiselines typically look for induviduals with a hospitality background.
  • I can not swim? Can I work on a cruise ship?
    You do not need to be able to swim to work on a cruise ship, allthough being afraid of water might be a problem.
  • I like to bring my laptop onboard? Is that possible
    Yes it is, nowadays you can sit even in your cabin using WIFI for a reduced fee. Approx 20$ for 3 hours, remember that you are using a sattelite connection.
  • I like to bring my dog onboard?
    Allthough it would be nice it is definiately not possible, not even for guests.
  • Can my girlfriend/boyfriend also apply?
    Yes they can allthough it is for the ships operation almost impossible to put you together on the same ship. Even though cruiselines in general do not have a problem with relations onboard when applying as a couple
    you will most likely  not be invited for an interview.
  • We like to go onboard as a couple?
    If you both have shipboard experience it usely is a different situation, it still will be difficult to get a job onboard the same ship.
  • After a few months onboard can I go home for my sisters wedding?
    No, when you sign a contract it will be for that time period. If you decide to resign because of reasons that are not valid(death in the family, father, mother, brother, sister) you can normally not return to the company.
  • I would like to work for the summer, only 2 months. Is this possible?
    The only summer jobs on a cruise ship are usely in the children entertainment department like youthstaff.
  • Is there any training before joining a ship?
    Every company has it's own way of working, with most you do the training onboard. Others do the training before.
    Always make sure NOT to send any money to any so called agency without checking there credentials.
    There are many SCAMS relating to cruiseline employment. All jobs on this jobboard are checked and are from reputabel recruitment agencies.

    If you have questions that are not answered here then please write us on the contact form.